Visiting the Virgin Islands – The St. Croix Heritage Trail

Silford Warren is an accomplished certified public accountant with more than three decades of experience in tax preparation and accounting. He currently serves as the president of a financial firm in New York that provides accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services to businesses and individuals. In his free time, Silford Warren enjoys traveling around the world and he has visited a number of exotic locations including St. Croix, the largest of the United States Virgin Islands.

Along with the other Virgin Islands, St. Croix is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean thanks to its wide variety of exotic and historical attractions. It is especially popular for many tourists from the United States because it has a unique foreign feel without requiring visitors to learn a foreign language, change their currency, or bring a passport. The St. Croix Heritage Trail is just one of the island’s many popular attractions. The trail is self-guided and stretches through several miles of the island.

The St. Croix Heritage Trail runs along the coastline and goes from Christiansted and Frederiksted all the way to the island’s East End mountains and West End rainforest. The Heritage Trail offers sites such as museums, plantations, churches, and protected natural areas, in addition to offering several recreational opportunities. Some of the most popular attractions along the trail including the St. George Village Botanical Garden and Estate Whim Plantation Museum.

Although many of the signs and markers for the trail have fallen into disrepair, the sites are still available for public viewing, and interested individuals can access a digital map of the trail and its various stops.


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