Traditional Caribbean Dishes

Although the Caribbean islands are well known for their blue ocean and unique culture, they also have a wealth of different dishes that are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. The following is a list of just a few of the Caribbean’s more traditional dishes.

Callaloo: Originating from West Africa, callaloo is often seen on such islands as Jamaica and Trinidad. It is a vegetable dish that consists of boiled leafy greens in a stew made from such ingredients as coconut milk and a variety of meats or seafood.

Jerk chicken: One of the most famous dishes from the area, jerk chicken is smoked or grilled chicken that has been rubbed with a very spicy marinade. The dish is believed to date back to 1698, and it is most commonly associated with Jamaica.

Keshi yena: With a history that connects to the former Dutch rule of the Caribbean islands, keshi yena consists of stuffed cheese, usually edam or gouda. Keshi yena is boiled and filled with vegetables and chicken.

Goat stew: Although this dish varies slightly from island to island, goat stew is popular on Montserrat, where the stew is rather thin. It consists simply of goat and a clove-scented broth. Other islands have their own versions of the dish, but the broth is often a bit thicker.


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