New Jogging Study Shows Less May Be More

A Certified Public Accountant, Silford Warren currently heads an accounting firm in New York City. He received a master’s degree in accounting and business from Troy State University in Alabama. In his free time, Silford Warren enjoys staying in shape by jogging and weightlifting.

For years, doctors have extolled the benefits of regular cardiovascular activity. One of the most common forms of exercise is running or jogging. A recent study at Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen reveals that there is an amount and a pace that is most favorable for expanding lifespan.

The study found that runners get the most benefits if they jog between 1 and 2.4 hours a week at a pace of about five miles an hour. Additionally, three running days a week is ideal. The study compared 1,100 joggers with 412 sedentary people for over 12 years and found that strenuous joggers were more likely to die than sedentary non-runners.

While the study is not conclusive and has limitations, researchers determined that even jogging less than an hour a week, or only once a week, offers more benefits than not jogging at all.


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