The Golden Set in Tennis

Silford Warren, a certified public accountant (CPA) working for his own tax and accounting firm in New York City, enjoys staying physically fit. Silford Warren jogs frequently and likes to play tennis whenever possible.

Tennis can be scored in a variety of ways depending on the venue and level of competition. In most cases, a set of tennis is played to six or eight games, with each game consisting of at least four points. One of the rarest accomplishments a professional or amateur tennis player can achieve is the golden set. Similar to pitching a perfect game in baseball, a golden set occurs when a player secures all six or eight games without dropping a single point. A player working toward the golden set must avoid making any unforced errors, including double faults.

In 2012, unseeded Russian Yaroslova Shvedova recorded a golden set in the third round of Wimbledon against Italian Sara Errani. Tennis historians and record keepers believe Shvedova is the first woman since 1943 and only the second player in the Open Era to achieve a golden set. The feat, which required just 15 minutes, was made all the more remarkable considering Errani had recently won the French Open and had been seeded 10th at the tournament. Shvedova won the match by a score of 6-0, 6-4.


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